by Professor Johan Leveau

Instructor of record for the following UC Davis courses:
SAS 13: Disease and Society, Fall Quarters, 3 units (100% instructor); keep in touch with Disease and Society on Twitter @diseasesociety
PLP 201B: Advanced Plant Pathology, Winter Quarter, 3 units (50% instructor)
GDB 103: The Microbiome of People, Animals, and Plants, Spring Quarter, 3 units (100% instructor)
GDB 189D: Global Disease Biology Research Discussion, Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer Quarter, 1 unit (100% instructor)


Guest lecturer for the following UC Davis courses (in past years):
SAS 1: Critical Inquiry, Fall Quarter
MIB 200A: Biology of Prokaryotes, Fall Quarter
PLS 174: Microbiology and Safety of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables
PLP 298: Advanced Plant Pathology Lab

Supervisor of past and present PhD students:
Sachie Höppener-Ogawa (2008), Francesca Mela (2011), Mitja Remus-Emsermann (2012), Nilesh Maharaj (2016), Isaac Greenhut (2016), Emily Rustad (2018), Sandra Mosquera (2018), Lorena Rangel (2019), Hung Doan (2019), Peter Henry (2019), Tyler Laird, Eduardo Ruiz, Gillian Bergmann, Mira Conyers, Aly Rasmussen.

Lead Faculty Advisor (formerly Master Advisor): for the UC Davis undergraduate major in Global Disease Biology (GDB) (since 2015)