by Professor Johan Leveau

Instructor of record for the following UC Davis courses:
SAS 13: Disease and Society, Winter or Fall Quarter, 3 units (100% instructor); keep in touch with Disease and Society on Twitter @diseasesociety
PLP 201A: Advanced Plant Pathology, Winter Quarter, 4 units (50% instructor)
GDB 103: The Microbiome of People, Animals, and Plants, Fall Quarter, 3 units (50% instructor)
GDB 189D: Global Disease Biology Research Discussion, Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer Quarter, 1 unit (100% instructor)


Guest lecturer for the following UC Davis courses (past or present):
SAS 1: Critical Inquiry, Fall Quarter
MIB 200A: Biology of Prokaryotes, Fall Quarter
PLS 174: Microbiology and Safety of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables
PLP 298: Advanced Plant Pathology Lab

Supervisor of past and present PhD students:
Sachie Höppener-Ogawa (2008), Francesca Mela (2011), Mitja Remus-Emsermann (2012), Nilesh Maharaj (2016), Isaac Greenhut (2016), Emily Rustad (2018), Lorena Rangel, Sandra Mosquera, Hung Doan, Peter Henry.

Master Advisor: for the new UC Davis major in Global Disease Biology (GDB) (since 2015)